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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s GOATED Training Routine

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Written By: Brenton Barker
Last Updated: March 2, 2024

Floyd Mayweather is regarded as one of the greatest boxers ever. He has never tasted defeat in his professional career, which is a testament to his exceptional boxing skills and rigorous training routine.

Despite keeping his training regimen private, Mayweather has shared some insights into his training methods and techniques. Below are some critical elements of Floyd Mayweather's training routine that have helped him achieve unparalleled success in the boxing ring.

TL;DR: Floyd Mayweather Training Routine Breakdown

  • Monday - Light cardio, sparring, pad work, footwork, and jump rope.
  • Tuesday - Active rest day focusing on low-impact movements and recovery.
  • Wednesday - Boxing, sparring, shadow work, pad work, and yoga to cool down.
  • Thursday - Active rest day focusing on low-impact movements and recovery.
  • Friday - 6-mile run (10km), heavy bag, pads sparring, and skipping rope.
  • Saturday - Visualization
  • Sunday - Rest

A Week in The Life Of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr had a pre-fight routine involving five weekly training days. Two of these five days were dedicated to active rest, which means engaging in low-intensity workouts like yoga or light cardio.

One day was dedicated to rest, allowing his body to recover and heal from the intense training sessions. This routine was critical to his success as a boxer, allowing him to maintain his physical fitness and peak performance.


Mayweather follows a rigorous workout routine to stay in top shape. His workout starts with a light cardio session lasting 30-40 minutes. During this time, he jogs for 5-6 miles or jumps rope, which helps him burn fat, improve his fitness levels, and condition his body.

After his cardio routine, he spends a few hours in the boxing gym, where he focuses on technical exercises such as sparring, pad work, footwork, and other essential drills that help him become one of the best boxers in the world.

Floyd engages in 3 rounds of jump rope exercises to cool down after his boxing workout, each lasting for 3 minutes. He does this at 60-70% of his maximum capacity.

To complete his workout, Floyd performs strength training and bodyweight exercises, focusing on his core. He does exercises such as sit-ups, air-cycling, and various planks to strengthen his core muscles.


On Tuesdays, he takes an active rest day and focuses on low-impact exercises to help his muscles recover. One of his favorite activities is swimming, which allows him to relax and stay fit.

Even though it's his day off, Mayweather still goes to the gym for light training. He works on his technical skills without putting too much strain on his body. Later in the day, he likes to play basketball with his friends.

To wrap up his Tuesday routine, Mayweather does 3 jump rope exercises, each lasting 3 minutes. This combination of activities helps him maintain his fitness levels while allowing his body to rest and recover.


On Wednesdays, Mayweather changes his workout routine to focus on building strength and refining his boxing skills. He starts with a warm-up that includes jogging and jumping rope to prepare his body for the day.

Then, he practices his boxing moves using a punching bag and shadow boxing. After that, he does exercises to make his legs and hips stronger and more explosive.

Finally, he finishes his workout with yoga or other exercises that help him be more flexible and reduce the risk of injury. This helps him stay fast and nimble in the boxing ring.


Thursdays are special for Floyd Mayweather because he takes a break from his usual training routine. He does not do any hard exercises that day, but instead chooses to do some light cardio exercises.

This may include jogging for an hour or skipping rope for 5-6 rounds at a moderate pace, roughly around 60-70% of max. The main purpose of these activities is to keep his body moving and promote blood flow without putting too much pressure on his muscles.

Floyd's moderate cardio sessions on Thursdays help him stay fit while also allowing his muscles to rest and recover from the previous days' workouts.


On Friday, Mayweather continues with his training by running six miles and doing different exercises to improve his boxing skills. He hits a heavy bag, practices with pads, and spars with other boxers.

These exercises help him to become stronger and faster and to burn calories to maintain his athletic body. After the intense exercises, Mayweather takes some time to cool down and recover. He does three rounds of 3-minute skipping sessions to slowly bring his heart rate back to normal.


On Saturdays, Mayweather spends most of his time planning and preparing for his upcoming fights. He practices his moves and thinks about different scenarios that could happen during the fight for about** 2-3 hours. **

Even though he's just practicing his boxing skills, this preparation takes a lot of effort and burns a ton of calories. Mayweather is determined to refine his strategies and make sure he's ready for whatever challenges come his way.


On Sundays, Floyd takes a break and spends the day focusing on his mental preparation. He does this by imagining himself achieving his goals in detail, using all of his senses to make the experience feel real. This helps him to be mentally ready and more determined to succeed.

Visualization is not just for athletes; anyone can benefit from this practice. By picturing yourself achieving your goals, you can make it easier to work towards them and actually make them happen.

Floyd Mayweather Boxing Workout

Floyd Mayweather's training is intense, but it works well for him. He works out daily, eats healthily, and practices in the ring. He's super dedicated, and it shows. He's a great example of someone who works hard and is committed to doing their best.


Floyd Mayweather considers sparring as an essential aspect of his training regimen. He schedules multiple sparring sessions to enhance his skills, improve his strategic approach, and adapt to various fighting styles.

The sparring sessions serve as a platform for him to test his physical and mental prowess and prepare him for the actual bouts. Mayweather's dedication to sparring is a testament to his commitment to his craft and pursuit of excellence.

Pad Work

To enhance his performance, Floyd Mayweather puts in considerable effort and time with his trainers on pad work drills. These drills aim to improve his:

  • Speed
  • Timing and
  • Accuracy which are vital for his success inside the ring.

Additionally, these drills also assist him in refining his defensive techniques, an essential aspect of boxing that requires agility, precision, and quick reflexes. Mayweather's dedication to his craft and consistent training regimen have made him one of the greatest boxers ever.

Bag Work

Mayweather includes a variety of training techniques to improve his punching power, hand-eye coordination, and footwork. One of his most crucial methods is hitting heavy, speed, and double-end bags. By targeting these bags with precision and force,

Floyd enhances his punching power and develops his technique. Additionally, the bags' movements help him improve his hand-eye coordination and footwork by forcing him to adjust his movements quickly and accurately.

The Floyd Mayweather “Crazy” Diet

Mayweather had a workout routine that was incredibly demanding and included a lot of cardio and strength training.

This routine helped him burn a ton of calories throughout the day, and he had to consume a considerable amount of food to keep up with it. His diet was considered to be quite unusual by those who knew him well.

Mayweather was naturally a small fighter, so he didn't have to worry about gaining weight before his fights. He could eat almost anything he wanted, and he would often come in under the weight limit for his fights. For breakfast, Mayweather liked to have a variety of foods, including:

  • Eggs
  • French fries
  • Pancakes and bacon.

During training, he would eat spaghetti bolognese almost every day, along with other foods like barbecue chicken, rice, and shrimp.

On days when he had to make weight for his fights, Mayweather would only eat some fruit and drink water. However, after weigh-ins, Floyd would instantly start eating like a monster. He would indulge in various foods without restrictions, including his favorite dishes such as:

  • Burgers
  • Pizza, and
  • Fried chicken.

Mayweather's post-weigh-in meal was a feast that he enjoyed to the fullest.

The Bottom Line

Mayweather's training routine is a testament to his unrelenting commitment to achieving excellence in the ring. He is renowned for his unwavering discipline, rigorous hard work, and meticulous attention to the smallest details.

He leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of perfection, carefully planning, executing, and monitoring every aspect of his preparation to ensure optimum results. His training sessions can be grueling, often lasting several hours, and involve a combination of weight training, cardio, and skill-building exercises.

By focusing on his strengths, weaknesses, and strategic insights, Mayweather has been able to develop a training regimen that is both effective and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many push-ups does Floyd Mayweather do a day?

Did you know that Floyd Mayweather, the legendary boxer, does an incredible 1300 push-ups every single day? That's some serious dedication and hard work!

How much sleep does Floyd Mayweather get?

Floyd Mayweather prefers to stay up late at night. He has been a professional boxer for most of his life, and his life has always revolved around boxing matches, which usually occur late at night. This is why Mayweather has developed a habit of staying up late and is used to being awake during the early hours of the morning.

What is Floyd Mayweather’s diet?

A regular breakfast usually includes eggs, home fries, grits, pancakes, and meats such as bacon and turkey sausage. And that's not all, Floyd was known to have a strong liking for spaghetti bolognese, which he ate almost every day before his big fight.

Does Mayweather train at night?

Mayweather's training regimen involves long hours of practice and dedication, where he trains until 4 am and only sleeps for a few hours before returning to the gym. His intense sessions include sparring, pads, and bag work to improve his technique and build endurance.

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