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Naoya Inoue's Complete Training Routine Breakdown

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Written By: Brenton Barker
Last Updated: September 16, 2023

Naoya Inoue, also known as "The Monster," is a boxing superstar renowned for his unmatched speed and power.

The 30-year-old from Zama, Kanagawa prefecture, boasts an impressive record as a four-division world champion and holds the unified super bantamweight title after his recent victory over Stephen Fulton.

Inoue was also the former undisputed bantamweight world champion and held the WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring magazine lineal belts between 2019 and January 2023, as well as the WBC and WBO titles between 2022 and January 2023.

Inoue is known as "The Monster" for his powerful punches and relentless body attack. He's the world's best super bantamweight with a perfect record of 25-0, including 22 knockouts. He's among the best pound-for-pound boxers in the sport and the only Japanese boxer to be ranked #1 by The Ring.

On November 7, 2019, Inoue competed against Nonito Donaire, a four-weight world champion, in the World Boxing Super Series final held in Saitama, Japan. The fight was intense, and both men displayed remarkable heart and endurance. Eventually, Inoue emerged as the winner with a unanimous decision.

Let's take a closer look at Inoue's boxing style. We'll analyze his techniques and attributes to understand why he's such a tough competitor. By doing so, we'll pinpoint his most potent weapons in the ring and showcase what makes him a superstar in the world of boxing.

Key Takeaways

  • Inoue uses a counter-punching style and adopts a wide stance at long range for agility and responsiveness. This allows him to react quickly to incoming punches while maintaining a strong and balanced posture.
  • Inoue has strong punches that can knock out opponents with one hit, making them protect their heads and leaving them vulnerable to body-punching shots.
  • Inoue is a skilled boxer with powerful jabs and strategic counter-attacks executed with precision.
  • During a bout, Inoue detects weaknesses in his opponent by using the center line, flank, and target areas. He then gains control of the match and wins by maneuvering himself into a position of advantage through his focus and tactical prowess.
  • Inoue wins by using his speed and aggression to deliver hooks to his opponent's head and body, minimizing his risks and overpowering his adversary.

TL;DR: Inoue’s Daily Training Routine

6am: Training Session #1

  • Light cardiovascular workout including running, skipping or the stationary bike.

8am: Traditional Japanese Breakfast

  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Nato
  • Miso Soup
  • Eggs

10am: Training Session #2

  • Hitting the pads
  • Heavy bag
  • Technical work including the punch shield
  • Shadow boxing
  • Sparring

12pm: Lunch

  • Rice
  • Fish, beef or chicken
  • Pasta
  • Green tea
  • Small snack

2pm: Training Session #3

  • Hill Sprints
  • Resistance sprints
  • Traditional Sprints
  • Hammer workout using a large tire
  • Battle rope work
  • Strongman exercises like throwing large objects
  • Cool down with a light run or using the stationary bike

Traditional Boxing Training Lays The Foundation

There is a common belief in boxing and martial arts that traditional training methods are the most effective means of refining a fighter's skills. For instance, in the case of Inoue, his trainers and coaches place great emphasis on honing the fundamentals.

These fundamentals of boxing science are crucial to his development process and include various techniques and strategies essential for success in the ring. Focusing on these critical areas allows Inoue to steadily improve his capabilities and reach his full potential as a fighter.

Hitting the Pads

Pad work is a highly effective training technique utilized by boxers and other combat sports athletes to enhance their defense, punch combinations, power shots, and footwork. This technique involves using pads held by a partner, allowing the Inoue to practice various combinations of punches while improving his jab, reaction time, and accuracy.

By engaging in regular pad work sessions, Inoue can significantly improve his performance and become more confident and skilled in the ring.

Hitting the Heavy Bag

Professional superstar boxer Naoya Inoue engages in rigorous training sessions that include a Heavy Bag. This fundamental and traditional training piece of boxing equipment is crucial for his conditioning and for enhancing his combinations and punch power.

The Punch Shield

When it comes to Inoue's training methods, he places great importance on utilizing the Punch Shield. This training tool is designed to help him enhance his body punching power, technique, footwork, and angles. It is a crucial part of Inoue's training routine and aids in improving his overall performance.

Shadow Boxing

Inoue utilizes quick and explosive shadowboxing as a key training method. This technique involves throwing punches and performing footwork movements rapidly and intensely without any actual opponents or targets.

By mastering this skill, Inoue can improve his speed, agility, and overall technique, leading to greater success in the ring. As a result, he frequently incorporates shadowboxing into his training regimen, often seen practicing with great focus and intensity.


Compared to other champions, Inoue has a unique training approach. He frequently shares footage of his sparring sessions, which may seem unconventional, but it has greatly benefited his boxing skills and confidence.

Inoue's exceptional power is undoubtedly one of his most impressive attributes, as evidenced by his rigorous training regimen, which significantly focuses on this particular skill. However, his accuracy is equally noteworthy and considered one of the best in his sport.

His ability to land power shots with precision is truly remarkable, and this skill often leads to his victories on fight night. While there are videos available of his reflex drills, it is likely that Inoue's defensive and reflex abilities are honed through pad work and sparring.

Naoya Inoue Training: Strength and Conditioning

Naoya Inoue's success as a fighter largely depends on his strength and conditioning regimen. It's a crucial aspect of his training that helps him optimize his physical abilities and achieve peak performance in the ring.

The rigorous training he undergoes is a testament to his commitment and dedication to his craft, which has propelled him to become one of the greatest fighters of his generation.

Hammer Training

Inoue has discovered a novel method to enhance his strength. Rather than using traditional wood chopping, he uses a hammer to strike a tire repeatedly. This exercise is highly effective in bolstering physical power, making it an ideal option for those boxers seeking to improve their fitness. 

Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive workout, targeting upper body muscles and contributing to overall health and wellness.

Heavy Rope Training

Inoue has been utilizing a highly effective training technique known as battle rope work. This method involves the utilization of battle ropes in a full-body workout specifically designed to help boxers achieve their desired fitness goals.

The workout aims to improve body strength and cardiovascular endurance, making it an ideal exercise for boxers looking to enhance their fitness. Fighters can expect significant improvements in their physical performance by incorporating battle rope work into their training regimen.

Strongman Exercises

When it comes to Inoue, you might not expect a fighter with a lower weight class to engage in strongman throwing. However, his nickname, "The Monster," suggests otherwise. This exercise involves using your entire body to generate power and throw heavy objects, like a stone, high into the air.

It's a full-body workout that demands strength and coordination, making it an ideal choice for boxers.

Naoya Inoue Training: Aerobic Conditioning

Naoya Inoue's success as a fighter is mainly due to his aerobic conditioning training. It's a vital part of his training, enabling him to maximize his physical abilities and excel in the ring. His intense training showcases his passion and dedication to boxing, another reason he is known as "The Monster."

Inoue's training regimen comprises an array of sprints specifically designed to mimic the explosive nature of boxing. These sprints are crucial for Inoue, renowned for his exceptional accuracy and power in delivering punches in the ring.

Stair Sprints

Stair and hill sprints have long been a favored training technique among fighters seeking to enhance their explosive endurance. This rigorous workout involves repeatedly sprinting up stairs or a steep incline, with brief rest periods.

It's a grueling but highly effective exercise that can help fighters build the stamina and power they need to perform at their best. Unsurprisingly, Inoue, a skilled boxer with remarkable speed and agility, frequently includes strenuous sprints in his training routine.

Theraband Sprints

Inoue has incorporated resisted sprints into his rigorous training regimen. This exercise involves running through sand while a Theraband is attached to the Inoue by his coach.

While running, Inoue faces the challenge of pushing through the resistance created by his coach, who holds him back with the Theraband. This exercise enhances Inoue's endurance, strengthens his muscles, and improves his overall performance.

Traditional Sprints

Inoue's boxing routine benefits greatly from the inclusion of sprinting as a means of enhancing his endurance and optimizing his physical capabilities. Compared to long-distance running, sprinting is a more efficient means of:

  • Burning fat
  • Building muscle mass
  • Promoting heart health, and
  • Accelerating metabolism in boxing and martial arts.

By engaging in this high-intensity activity, Inoue can take advantage of numerous health benefits and achieve his fitness objectives with greater efficacy.

Cardiovascular Training

As a part of their holistic boxing science approach towards physical fitness, the Inoue team ensures that they incorporate consistent aerobic exercises in their routine.

These exercises are strategically performed before or after sprinting sessions to ensure the body is properly prepared or winded down to help prevent injury. The team engages in an array of exercises, including:

  • Long runs
  • Skipping rope, and
  • Utilizing the stationary fan bike - all aimed to boost their cardiovascular fitness.

The Inoue team can maintain a well-rounded workout regimen that supports his overall physical health and well-being by focusing on various exercises.

5 Technical Boxing X-Factors That Separate Naoya Inoue

Have you ever wondered what makes Inoue one of the most effective and devastating boxers of all time? Let's explore five convincing reasons why his skills and techniques have earned him such a prestigious reputation and the nickname "The Monster."

1. Agility and Responsiveness

When maintaining a solid counter-punching style, Inoue expertly adopts a wide stance at long range, positioning his body weight slightly forward for optimal agility and responsiveness. This strategic approach enables him to swiftly react to incoming punches while maintaining a strong and balanced posture.

2. Punching Power

Inoue boasts impressive punching power that can knock out any opponent with a single punch, whether delivered by his left or right hand. This leaves his opponents with no choice but to protect their heads from the devastating blows, creating opportunities for Inoue to land body shots that could further drop his opponents.

3. Strategy

Inoue, the skilled Japanese world champion boxer, effectively provokes his opponents with precise and powerful jabs. He strategically positions himself with a widened stance to support his counter-attacks, which he executes with precision and skill.

4. Mental Prowess

Inoue also exhibits a highly calculated and strategic approach when confronting his opponent. He utilizes the center line, flank, and target areas to detect potential weaknesses or openings during the match.

By doing so, he can smoothly maneuver himself into a position of advantage and seize control of the game. Through his unwavering focus and tactical prowess, Inoue ultimately emerges victorious over his opponent.

5. Speed and Aggression

Inoue employs a strategic approach in his fighting style by delivering hooks to his opponent's head and body. He minimizes his risks by utilizing his remarkable speed and high levels of aggression to overpower his opponents and emerge victorious.

The Bottom Line

It has been noted with great interest that Inoue, a highly accomplished fighter, greatly prioritizes honing his already impressive punching power. His unwavering dedication to perfection in this regard is truly remarkable and is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

It is widely believed that adopting Inoue's tried-and-true training techniques could significantly impact the development of any aspiring fighter. Indeed, his methods have consistently produced some of the most formidable fighters in the sport today.

Moreover, Inoue's training regimen is highly customized to enhance his existing strengths and refine his power, technique, and precision. Such a focused approach is a hallmark of his training style and is undoubtedly a significant factor behind his sustained success in the ring.

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