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Gervonta "Tank" Davis' Crazy 24-Hour Training Routine

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Written By: Brenton Barker
Last Updated: October 13, 2023

Gervonta "Tank" Davis is a successful American pro boxer who was born on November 7, 1994.

He's accomplished much in his career, including winning world championships in different weight classes.

Currently, Davis has held the:

  • WBA (Regular) lightweight title since 2019
  • The IBF super featherweight title in 2017
  • The WBA (Super) super featherweight title twice between 2018 and 2021, and
  • he WBA (Regular) super lightweight title in 2021

Similar to Mike Tyson, Davis grew up in a dangerous area called Sandtown-Winchester in West Baltimore.

Despite this, he attended Digital Harbor High School, a local magnet school.

However, he decided to leave school to focus on boxing. Later, Davis earned his secondary degree through a GED program.

Davis is ranked as one of the best active lightweights by different organizations.

On fight night, he is known for his powerful punches, boxing IQ, and ability to deliver devastating counter-punches.

TL;DR: Gervonta Davis Workout Routine

  • Breakfast -  Turkey bacon, eggs, and capsicum.
  • Warm-Up - Running, skipping rope, active and passive stretching
  • Boxing - Heavy bag, reaction bags, shadowboxing, sparring, pad work
  • Lunch - Chicken, turkey, or tuna, spinach,  light snack
  • Strength and Conditioning - Push-ups, pull-ups, medicine ball slams, core.
  • Aerobic Conditioning - Running, stationary bike, jump rope
  • Dinner - Salmon, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis Boxing Routine

Boxing is a physically demanding sport, but the key to success lies in a boxer's skills.

Tank Davis serves as an excellent example of this. He is a tough force in the ring, employing the classic techniques of boxing to great effect.

Tank’s boxing skills and ability to land punches without taking any in return make him a formidable opponent.

Let's take a deep dive into a world champion workout routine and see how Davis trains.

Pad Work

Boxing is a sport that requires a lot of practice to be successful.

One of the key training methods that modern boxers use is working with coaches on mitts.

This involves practicing both offensive and defensive techniques in a variety of scenarios.

One boxer who is known for his versatility in this training is Tank.

Davis uses various pad work styles to improve his:

  • Hand speed
  • Accuracy, and
  • Boxing tactics

Davis's trainer also sometimes uses a body shield to help Tank work on body shots while improving his reaction time.

Another tool Tank uses is the punch shield, which lets him practice throwing powerful punches with accuracy and variation.

By using these different training methods, Tank can prepare himself for real fights and improve his overall skills as a boxer.

Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing is a training exercise used by boxers like Manny Pacquiao and other combat fighters to practice:

  • Striking techniques
  • Footwork,
  • Movement
  • Visualization
  • Cardiovascular conditioning, and
  • Self-analysis

Tank Davis does his shadowboxing in front of a mirror to perform it effectively.

Fighters should focus on proper technique and maintain a high level of intensity and concentration.

In my experience, shadowboxing should be incorporated into a broader training plan that includes sparring, bag work, pad work, and other drills to develop a well-rounded skill set in combat sports.

The Heavy Bag

Davis is known to train hard on the heavy bag.

His training style and technique are quite similar to his mentor, Floyd Mayweather.

Davis practices relentlessly on the heavy bag, continuously throwing a combination of light punches.

He then switches to powerful shots before resuming the flow again.

Floyd Mayweather has been seen guiding Tank and sharing his proven techniques, undoubtedly contributing to his impressive skills.

In addition to his excellent technique, Davis also likes to exhaust his shoulders by throwing a series of rapid punches that create loud gunshot sounds throughout the gym. 

Watching Gervonta train on the heavy bag is truly a spectacle as he channels the spirit of Mayweather and incorporates his mentor's famous style into his own unique approach.

Double-End Bags

Gervonta Tank Davis has a special way of training to improve his skills.

One of the things he does is use a special bag called a "double-end bag."

This bag helps him get better at timing his punches and reacting quickly to any movement he sees.

Another tool Tank uses is a speed bag, which I also highly recommend to boxers of all levels. 

The speed bag helps improve:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Build shoulder muscles and
  • Get better at timing and rhythm.

By using these training tools, Davis is able to work on different parts of his fighting skills and become a more well-rounded fighter overall.


Boxing is a challenging sport requiring a ton of practice to become a top-level boxer.

Although boxers are getting better at training, sparring is still a very tough and demanding drill.

If you watch videos of Davis sparring with his opponents, you'll see he wears full gear, and a coach acts as a referee.

Gervonta is usually shorter than his competitors in the ring, so he chooses taller partners to practice with.

He even spars with people who are heavier to improve his skills.

Mayweather and Calvin Ford always support Davis' intense training sessions.

In all the videos, you can see that Tank gives his all and never holds back while sparring.

If you want to learn more about another boxing great, check out Tommy Hearns’ boxing routine. 

Gervonta Davis Stretching And Warm Up

Gervonta Davis is a fantastic boxer known for his ring skills. He's currently the IBF  lightweight division champion, which shows how talented he really is.

In my expert opinion, what makes Davis different from other boxers is how fast he can punch and how strong he hits; this can be terrifying for his opponents!

Davis works hard to stay in great shape with active and passive stretching and thorough warm-ups.

This helps his muscles get ready for all the tough training he has to do so he can consistently perform his best when he fights.

To prepare for an intense and challenging workout, Davis starts with a warm-up routine with a mix of jumping jacks (Star Jumps), skipping rope, and running on the spot. (not as easy as it sounds)

These exercises help increase blood flow and prepare the muscles for further activity while reducing the chance of injury, the last thing any pro boxer wants. 

Next, Davis does some passive stretches that help to make his muscles more flexible and again reducing the risk of getting hurt.

These stretches also help to loosen up any tight muscles or joints, making sure that his body is fully prepared for the workout.

Gervonta Davis stretching and warm-up routine:

  • 2 sets of hamstring stretches; hold for 30 seconds
  • 2 sets of quadriceps stretches; hold for 30 seconds
  • 2 sets of calf stretches; hold for 30 seconds
  • 2 sets of upper back stretches; hold for 30 seconds
  • 2 sets of chest stretches; hold for 30 seconds
  • 2 sets of triceps and biceps stretches; hold for 30 seconds

As we’ve seen, before starting his workout, Davis warms up his body with some exercises and stretching.

Then, he moves on to a strength training program focusing on improving his core and upper and lower body muscles.

Gervonta Davis Strength and Conditioning

Tank faces a significant disadvantage because he is much shorter compared to his opponents. To overcome this, Davis relies on his strength and explosive power.

He knows that to improve in this aspect, he needs to focus on his strength training and overall fitness.

Punching power requires more than just proper technique and muscle activation.

It also depends on maintaining speed and strength, which Tank works on consistently at the gym.

Davis uses modern science to train his body.

He doesn't just do the usual exercises but also uses things like medicine balls and bands to help him get stronger in ways that are more useful for boxing.

He still does push-ups and pull-ups, but he mixes them in with other exercises to work his whole body.

As an expert in high performance, I can tell you this is a smart and effective way to train. 

Variations of medicine ball slams, throws, and twists are very beneficial for strikers, and Gervonta Davis uses them frequently.

Additionally, Davis improves his muscle endurance with therabands that add tension to various exercises.

Incorporating heavyweights into his training, Davis combines fundamental strength exercises such as the bench press and deadlift with loaded isometric holds.

Boxers commonly recognize the importance of core muscles, and Davis implements a variety of core work exercises to engage all the muscles necessary for delivering and withstanding a powerful punch.

Gervonta Davis Cardio Workout

Gervonta Davis is known for being incredibly fit and strong.

He works very hard to make sure he is in the best physical and mental condition possible so he can be ready for anything his opponents might do in the ring.

To achieve this, Davis follows a carefully planned cardio workout routine that includes exercises to help him build up his heart and lung strength.

Aerobic exercises include

  • Running
  • Stationary bike
  • Star jumps or "jumping jacks"
  • Sprints

He also focuses on building his muscles with weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises to be powerful and explosive in the ring.

In addition to his workout routine, Davis has a healthy diet that is high in protein and complex carbohydrates to help him build muscle and keep his energy levels up.

He avoids junk food and drinks that could harm his health or hurt his performance in the ring (more on this below).

Overall, the "Tanks" aerobic exercise program and dietary plan have helped him achieve peak physical condition, enabling him to perform at his best in every fight.

Gervonta Davis Diet

Being a world champion boxer requires discipline and dedication, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Similar to Naoya Inoue, Gervonta Davis takes this seriously and has hired a personal chef and nutritionist to help him maintain a healthy diet.

Gervonta "Tank" Davis follows a strict diet that includes foods like:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables, and
  • Healthy fats

Gervonta eats every four hours to keep his energy levels up and perform at his best. With the help of his team, he's able to stay on track and be ready for anything.


A serving of turkey bacon, eggs, and mixed capsicums.


Chicken, turkey, or tuna coupled with spinach (think Popeye) and a light snack


Salmon or other fatty fish, boiled and or mashed potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus.

Gervonta Davis used to eat whatever he wanted, including unhealthy food like fries and sugar-filled smoothies.

This made him gain weight before fights, so he had to work even harder to lose weight during training camp.

But now, Tank has changed the way he eats and trains to be more like a champion.

He only allows himself to have Skittles once in a while.

This is good news for fans who are excited to see Tank in important fights in the future.

The Bottom Line

If you respect Gervonta "Tank" Davis and want to train like him, it's important to know that he focuses on becoming great in all areas of boxing, but especially on being able to knock out his opponents.

This is especially important for him because he is smaller than many of his opponents and needs to make up for it with powerful punches.

However, it's not a good idea to try to copy his training without the help of a qualified coach or personal trainer who specializes in boxing.

These experts can help you figure out where you are starting from and what you want to achieve with your training.

This will help you reduce the chance of injury and get the most out of your workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Gervonta Davis make per fight?

In his latest match against Hector Luis Garcia, 'Tank' received a guaranteed payment of $1.5 million and earned 60% of the money made from people buying the fight on pay-per-view.

Last year, in his fight against Rolando Romero, he received a guaranteed payment of $2 million and earned 50% of the pay-per-view earnings.

How many times has “Tank” been knocked down?

Tank, a boxer, has had a successful career and has never been knocked out.

However, he was knocked down during his fight with Leo Santa Cruz last year.

Gervonta "Tank" Davis started the bout off strong and attacked Cruz, but Cruz fought back with some impressive counterattacks in the first round, taking the "Tank" by surprise. 

Does Gervonta Davis have any belts?

Davis has achieved great success in his career.

He has previously won the IBF and WBA super featherweight titles, showing his talent.

Tank recently won the WBA 'regular' lightweight belt, proving he is still one of the best boxers out there.

Davis is renowned for his hard work and never giving up, which has helped him reach the top of his game.

Boxing fans are excited to see what the future holds for Davis.

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