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Beginner Boxing Gloves Weight (Explained For Newbies)

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Written By: Richard Magallanes
Last Updated: August 2, 2023

Starting boxing and feeling overwhelmed by all the glove options?

I get it.

Choosing the right beginner boxing gloves weight is a crucial first step that can make or break your training.

This post will clearly explain the key factors to consider when selecting boxing gloves so you can shop with confidence.

You’ll get tips on weight, padding, fit, and more to help you pick the perfect pair.

Key takeaways

  • Heavier boxing gloves provide better protection for both you and your sparring partner
  • Beginner bag gloves typically weigh between 12oz and 16oz and provide optimum hand protection
  • Starting with 16oz gloves is recommended for both men and women to ensure safety and proper techniqur

What weight boxing gloves should you get as a beginner?

16oz is recommended for any beginner, as it provides the enough padding to protect your and opponent during sparring and your hands during bag work, while not being too heavy to learn technique.

16oz boxing gloves have a lot of foam padding, so during sparring or training, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself or your partner.

They’re also quite heavy, which means more of a workout for your shoulders.

16oz gloves are usually the standard for any boxing gym, for both sparring and training purposes.

The benefit is that once you enter competitions, you’ll upgrade to 12oz, which feels much lighter by comparison due to the prior training with heavier boxing gloves.

How much do boxing gloves weigh?

You've probably heard that boxing gloves come in various weights like 16oz, 14oz, 12oz, 10oz, and even 8oz.

Each weight serves a different purpose, and picking the right one makes a big difference in performance.

Heavier 16oz boxing gloves are ideal for use as training gloves. Since they provide more foam padding and protection, they reduce injury risk and enable longer training periods without hand strain.

Lighter 12oz, 10oz, and 8oz boxing gloves maximize speed and agility for competition. They enable quick punches and swift movement in the ring, commonly used by professional boxers in fights where speed and precision are crucial.

The 14oz and 12oz boxing gloves offer a balance of speed and protection, often used for sparring or simulating real fight conditions. They provide decent padding to protect hands and opponents, while maintaining speed and mobility.

So, in choosing the right boxing glove weight, consider your purpose - training, competition, or sparring - and select the appropriate weight that suits your needs. The best boxing gloves can enhance performance and safety.

Boxing glove size breakdown (Ounces explained)

Now that we've covered weights, let's review typical sizes seen when shopping for boxing gloves.

The size refers to the glove's weight in ounces (oz).

Gloves generally range from 8oz to 20oz.

Each size serves different uses and activities:

  • 16oz boxing gloves: Your 16oz training gloves are heavier, providing ample protection for intense sparring. 16oz is the ideal boxing gloves size for beginners as it provides a balance of protection and weight, making them the best sparring gloves. The gloves I started off with were the Venum Elite boxing gloves, which have awesome padding, and were multi-purpose too - great for sparring and bag work.
  • 14oz boxing gloves: 14oz boxing gloves offer substantial padding without excessive weight, perfect for intermediate fighters and sparring. They ensure safety without compromising speed and agility.
  • 12oz boxing gloves: 12oz gloves are popular in professional fights for their light weight, enhancing speed and quickness with strong technique. 12oz is what I used as competition gloves during my amateur fight.
  • 10oz boxing gloves: 10oz gloves further reduce weight and padding, maximizing hand speed and agility for experienced fighters.
  • 8oz boxing gloves: 8oz gloves are the lightest, designed for heavyweight pro fights. They offer the least padding but maximize speed. They're recommended only for fighters with superior technique.
  • 20oz boxing gloves: 20oz gloves are the heaviest, providing maximum padding and protection for heavy bag workouts or sparring. Their heavy weight builds strength and endurance but may reduce punching speed. Therefore, they're mainly used as training boxing gloves, not for competition.

How boxing gloves weight affects performance

Choosing the right boxing glove weight dramatically impacts your performance.

Lighter gloves enable swift strikes, while heavier ones provide more protection and power.

As a beginner, understanding this gives you an edge.

Light boxing gloves feel almost weightless, so they're the best boxing gloves for providing speed for quick jabs.

But heavier gloves can add power when you're throwing punches, potentially swaying the match.

The beginner weight you choose should balance speed and power for your style.

Experiment during your boxing journey to find what works best. Boxing depends on both finesse and raw power.

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

As a newcomer, you may wonder whether to get sparring or bag gloves.

There are subtle differences between these boxing glove types:

Sparring gloves

For sparring, choose 14oz - 16oz padded gloves with extra padding to protect you and your partner from injuries, such as wrist injuries.

These high quality boxing gloves are your shields in training, absorbing blows.

As a beginner, well-padded boxing gloves in the right weight ensure comfort and protection.

16oz gloves may feel heavy at first, but they build strength and endurance. Your partner will appreciate the extra protection, too - it's mutually beneficial.

Bag gloves

Bag gloves are designed specifically for heavy bags, speed bags, and mitt work, taking your training up a level.

They provide optimum hand protection while amplifying punch impact.

For bag work, 12oz - 16 oz is typically best for beginners. Start with 16oz for proper technique.

The gloves I would suggest for beginners to be used for both are the Venum Elites:

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves
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  • Quality materials throughout the design
  • Handstitched seams
  • Limited color variation
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Does glove weight matter for men and women?

For beginners, men and women should wear 16oz gloves.

16oz is the ideal middle ground regardless of gender, offering maximum protection and training benefits.

Don't hesitate to start with 16oz.

While some argue women have smaller hands requiring smaller gloves, glove weight is about impact force rather than hand size.

Does a heavier glove hit harder or softer?

Despite assumptions, heavier gloves don't necessarily hit harder. They provide more padding and hand protection.

Glove weight doesn't directly relate to punch force. Instead, it plays a crucial safety role.

Heavier gloves distribute impact over a larger area, making each punch softer and reducing injury risk. This is why they're often recommended for beginner training.

So for glove weight, prioritize protection over hitting harder.

Frequently asked questions

Should I get 12oz or 14oz?

Generally, the higher ounces of boxing gloves, the better, as it provides more protection. Whether you're a man or woman, selecting boxing gloves that are 14oz is a good idea as they contain enough padding to protect your wrists and those of your sparring partner while being lighter than your average 16oz gloves.

Can I spar with 12oz gloves?

Yes, you can spar with 12oz gloves, but they're not the right size boxing gloves recommended for beginners. 12oz gloves have less padding, which increases the risk of injuring yourself or your sparring partner. When choosing boxing gloves for beginners, it's best to stick with heavier gloves like 16oz for sparring until you've developed your control and precision. 12oz are used in competition.

The bottom line

Don't stress over glove weight. As a beginner, 16oz is best for a boxing glove.

Remember, heavier doesn't mean harder punching - it's about technique.

Ensure you pick the right glove type and size for your needs. With the right boxing gloves, you'll be floating and stinging in no time!

Happy boxing!

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