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RDX Boxing Gloves Review (The Best Beginner Boxing Gloves?)

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Written By: Richard Magallanes
Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Are you looking for an affordable pair of boxing gloves?

In this RDX Boxing Gloves Review, you discuss if these boxing gloves are spending your hard-earned money on.

Buying a pair of gloves can be tough since there are so many brands and different types out there - it's easy to get confused.

You see, boxers have to take their training seriously, and without some high-quality gloves, they will only last a couple of sessions before you need to replace them.

Luckily for the RDX Boxing Gloves, that's not the case, even considering that you can get this pair of gloves at a relatively cheap price.

In fact, we listed these boxing gloves as one of the best cheap boxing gloves on the market right now. Go figure.

What makes this specific pair of gloves unique is that they are multi-purpose, meaning you use them in different types of boxing training.

This article provides a complete overview of what to expect if you decide to buy these gloves.

Let's dive in!

Overview Of The RDX Boxing Gloves

RDX Boxing Gloves
  • Nylon meshes palm for your hands to breathe.
  • Stitch X technology for stronger gloves
  • Natural leather material
  • Hook and loop closure CBA wear out over time.
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03/09/2024 05:36 am GMT
  • Type: Bags, Training, Sparring
  • Size/Weight: 12 oz, 16 oz
  • Closure: Hook and Loop Enclosure
  • Material: Cowhide Leather

The RDX Boxing Gloves are made of genuine leather; full-grain cowhide leather precisely and designed with shock-absorbing gel padding around the knuckles.

They are equipped with extra gel lining between the foam padding too, which offers extra shock absorption, meaning your hands are extra protected.

They fit comfortably without causing hand pain or injuries during use and come in different sizes ranging from 10oz to 16oz.

Meanwhile, for more intense workouts it features a Velcro closure strap which ensures proper wrist support during punching sessions.

The Velcro is otherwise known as hook and loop closure and allows you to easily take off, or tighten your boxing gloves.

The EZ hook and loop feature also keeps the gloves snugly fitted onto your hands throughout your workout routine, so you won't have to worry about continually adjusting your gloves.

They also feature moisture-wicking nylon mesh palms to keep sweat away from your hands.

Meanwhile, knowing the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the gloves might help you to make a well-informed decision about buying.

So, here are the pros and cons of the RDX boxing gloves.

  • It's durable and can last up to 2 years.
  • Quality protection for the knuckles.
  • Offers good value for money
  • Can be used for several purposes
  • Sturdy construction and design
  • It's a middle-tier boxing glove.
  • It might be too tight for a few

Features & Benefits Of The RDX Boxing Gloves

A picture of 2 guys fighting. RDX boxing gloves review.

Design and Construction

The RDX boxing gloves were designed with a durable build that can take a beating.

They are much more solid than most of the boxing gloves around this price point, where you would usually get a more fluffy/cushiony type of build.

They were constructed for hitting the heavy bag, the mitts, or sparring - a true multi-purpose type of boxing gloves.

Whether you use hand wraps or not, the design allows you to get a snug fit no matter what.

Quality Materials

The RDX Boxing Gloves use Maya Hide leather that is made to be durable and long-lasting.

Whether you are sparring or hitting the heavy bag, these gloves can take a beating.

Not to mention it offers some great protection around the knuckle area, with additional gel lining for added shock absorption.

The hook EZ hook and loop closure keep the gloves from allowing your wrist to move downwards which will save you from hitting with bad form (thus potentially injuring your wrists).


These gloves are designed with comfort in mind, so there's no need to worry about soreness or pain after an intense workout session.

These boxing gloves are snug and are on the better end of the spectrum when it comes to getting a proper fit.

The moisture-wicking nylon mesh palm ensures hands stay cool, dry, and odor-free throughout your training sessions.

Plus, a padded grip hose enables proper punching technique without injury! It doesn't get much better than this folks; order now before supplies run out!

What Others Are Saying About RDX Boxing Gloves

Many customers would willingly give the RDX boxing gloves 5 stars in their reviews.

The UK made gloves provide an all-round type of quality this means that it's durable, protective, and has a great design.

Although RDX has been around for a while they've earned a good reputation by always putting out quality stuff.

Now, RDX  boxing gloves are available in many online stores today.

But fighters need to know what they get from buying these RDX  Boxing.

So, After some thorough search, which wasn't exhausting at all, I found out that RDX boxing gloves have gathered favorable feedback like these:

Alternatives To The RDX Boxing Gloves

There are many boxing training gloves in the market available to you

And many of them would give you a similar experience to what you'll get with the RDX boxing gloves.

But other brands offer the same type of quality.

But the RDX boxing gloves still deliver excellent durability and protection, and they're also good for those who have bigger hands and wrists.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves
  • Designed to last for a long time
  • Quality materials throughout the design
  • Handstitched seams
  • Limited color variation
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03/09/2024 06:54 am GMT

The price points of the Venum Elite boxing gloves vary slightly from RDX boxing gloves.

But chances are high that you'll get the Venum Elite for a more expensive price.

Now, the Venum Elite boxing gloves don't have varying colors as the RDX does.

But that doesn't stop it from keeping you protected.

However, the Venum Elite gloves are made of Skintex leather while RDX features genuine real leather.

A few similarities between both gloves are:

  • Hand-stitched seams for durability
  • Both gloves are made for optimal protection
  • Both gloves are optimized for shock absorption

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are good for you if you engage in boxing, MMA, and other combat sports that need gloves for protection.

You can also check out our full review on the Venum Elite boxing gloves here.

Pretorian Elite Boxing Gloves
$45.99 ($2.30 / Ounce)
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03/08/2024 09:51 am GMT

The Pretorian Elite boxing gloves won't stress your pockets like RDX gloves and are a cheaper bang for your buck.

The boxing gloves include an alternative leather, to the synthetic leather that the RDX boxing gloves use, however they are still quite good.

They are similar to the RDX boxing gloves due to the:

  • Gel lining and padding for optimum shock absorption
  • Breathable mesh around the palm
  • Several color options

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is RDX Boxing gloves the best?

To some extent, there might be no such thing as the best boxing gloves.

However, this RDX pair of gloves are made to suit beginner boxers in training and other contact sports like MMA.

Are RDX Boxing Gloves Good For Muay Thai?

For many martial artists, the RDX  gloves are a perfect choice.

These gloves offer excellent protection and allow you to focus on your technique.

The training gloves are also designed to be lightweight and breathable.

This is important for martial arts because they require a lot of movement, which can be hard with heavy gloves.

Do The RDX Boxing Gloves Only Come In The EZ Hook And Loop Closure?

Yes. But other lines of RDX boxing gloves come in a variety of closure styles including EZ Hook and Loop style, Velcro Closure or Lace and Velcro Closure.

The EZ Hook and loop closure are the most popular because it's easy to use, but fighters can also choose to lace up the training gloves with Velcro closure or to use an elastic band that has been laced through eyelets.

Is RDX A Good Boxing Brand?

Besides impressive customer satisfaction, RDX gloves are indeed good sparring gloves.

The gel foam material together with hand wraps will adequately protect your sparring partners from bruises and cuts.

Even its mesh palm makes the premium leather boxing gloves cool during training and sparring.

And with extra long cuffs, it offers quality wrist support.

Although the training gloves are made to cover the needs of a wide range of fighters, that's not just boxers but martial artists.

The gloves are also perfect for those who want to focus on their technique without sacrificing protection.

And that's exactly where RDX boxing gloves come in

What Sizes Do The RDX Boxing Gloves Come In?

RDX Boxing Training Gloves come in a variety of sizes.

They are available for both men and women, as well!

Best to see the available sizes by clicking here.


If you have been looking for a new pair of boxing gloves, you know that RDX boxing gloves can be an essential part of any boxer's arsenal.

They protect your hands from injury, and they provide the perfect grip to throw a punch effectively and with power, and for the protection of opponents, the Maya hide leather is gentle on the skin.

RDX boxing gloves are made with high-quality materials that will last through many rounds in the ring or on a heavy bag.

You won't have to worry about them ripping after only a few sessions - these gloves can take it!

If you're ready to invest in a good pair of boxing training gloves at an affordable price range, then RDX is just what you need.

If you love them already, you should try to purchase RDX boxing training gloves by clicking here.

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