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Best Cheap Boxing Gloves (For Every Type Of Training)

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Written By: Richard Magallanes
Last Updated: April 11, 2021

When it comes to boxing, gear is usually expensive. And this expense might discourage you from making a purchase; however, with the best cheap boxing gloves, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars! 

Several reputable brands make boxing gloves you can buy for a reasonable amount of money. And you're aren't even restricted to a particular type of boxing gloves. There are several types, styles, and sizes to choose from. 

When you set out to get boxing gloves, you want one that is affordable, can last many strikes as well as live in your backpack (while dry) for many years to come.

Simply, your tight buddy. 

You might consider yourself greedy even, wanting style, comfort, and impressive design on a small budget. I have.  But let me burst your bubble.

You can indeed get boxing gloves for a small price.   

In fact, several brands and models are quite affordable – even for beginners!

To help you out in your search for cheap boxing gloves, we have a list of the best you should go for. Also, with these boxing gloves, you won't sacrifice the quality performance you want and need.

With these gloves, it's Value. Value. Value. 

And remember, the better you maintain your gloves, the longer they will last.

This is especially true for budget gloves like the ones below. You can check out our guide on how to clean boxing gloves and how you can best maintain them.

I always want to squeeze out long years of performance from my gear. I want boxing gloves and other stuff that won't tear my pocket; hence, this list, You should check it out.

TL;DR: The 7 Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

RankingShowcaseProductBest ForBuy
1.Sanabul Essential Boxing GlovesBest Cheap Boxing Gloves
2Title Classic Boxing GlovesBest Runner Up Boxing Gloves
3Ringside Apex Boxing GlovesBest Gloves With Gel Padding
4RDX Boxing GlovesBest Designed Boxing Gloves
5Venum Elite Boxing GlovesBest Value For Money
6Everlast Pro Style Training GlovesBest Pro-Style Training Gloves
7Ringside Lace IMF Training GlovesBest For Comfort And Safety

1. Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves

Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

I can't resist a boxing glove that looks great and performs excellent for a fair price. If you sweat a lot, the period your hand spends on the gloves can be disturbing. But there's a solution with Sanabul essential boxing gloves. 

If you're a hard puncher and you're looking for something that can take all that impact for you, this glove should be on your bucket list.

I know about being in some else's shoes, but being in someone else's gloves? Apparently, combat sports pros like Micheal Bisping and Mike Lee have tested these gloves. So, while they are actually good to go, the best fighters don't mind too.

The gloves have a breathable mesh so that your hands do not build up a sweat. So, you should try gloves if you have a problem with sweaty palms.

  • They are constructed to fit the natural curve of the hands.
  • Sanabul gloves have an impressive design.
  • The gloves incorporate meshes for breathable hands.
  • A laced type would have made the glove a good one of an all-around purpose.
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2. Title Classic Boxing Gloves

Best Runner Up Boxing Gloves

Title boxing gloves have a good reputation for them already. But you can't just leave your passion to a good reputation without knowing what the gloves can actually do. 

Well, I heard the Title Pro Boxing Gloves had sales that hit the roof. However, the Classic boxing gloves are what the Pro was, and even more. 

If it's vinyl, it's definitely cheap. However, the Title classic boxing gloves use authentic leather for a pleasant price tag. These allow you to take and receive the hits without the gloves giving way. 

Since the compartment where your hand sits is made of satin nylon, there's little to no moisture retention. Even strap them on easily with a two-ply hook and loop closure. 

  • The gloves are durable.
  • It uses satin nylon to control moisture.
  • High-density foam for maximum protection
  • It might be too tight and difficult to break in. 
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3. Ringside Apex Gel Boxing Gloves

Best Gloves With Gel Padding

This glove highlights the IMF material it possesses to give you maximum protection and a wonderful boxing experience.

Injected mold foam is a popular and reliable technique for making durable boxing gloves that will last you a while. 

Sometimes you can be itching to get in that cardio inciting boxing session, and the hook and loop closure makes that possible.

You can slip them on without any extra hand when you have to take them off, too, no qualms.

Since boxing gloves don't always allow you to have as much grip as you'd love, this one introduces a grip bar that allows you to hold in tighter.

  • Ventilated Palm design
  • Optimized to prevent slippage
  • Uses injected mold foam technology.
  • Limited size
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4. RDX Boxing Gloves

Best Designed Boxing Gloves

Since this glove has polygonal fusion foam for its padding, you are going to be enjoying a different level of protection.

The technology is put in place to ensure that you have no problems with the injuries.

It also means that your wrist and knuckles are farther from inflammation with the level of thickness in the glove padding.

Although this glove is well adapted for Muay Thai fighters, it's perfect for any combat sports athlete. 

The ventilation in the gloves' side ensures that your hands can breathe when you use the gloves. 

There is so much innovation in this one budget glove, and you should get this if the great design pleases you.

  • Nylon meshes palm for your hands to breathe.
  • Stitch X technology for stronger gloves
  • Natural leather material
  • Hook and loop closure CBA wear out over time.

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5. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Best Value For Money

This line of gloves happens to be hellbent on protection for your wrists and knuckles. So, what have they put together to ensure that you don't come out of training with injuries? 

You'll notice that the glove has long cuffs to ensure adequate support around the wrist. 

The gloves also have three layers of foam for protection around the knuckles, distributing shock from punches over the glove's large surface area.

The hook and loop around the cuff are optimized for easy use and removal before and after training.

You even have an aesthetic Venum logo imprinted on the gloves. Who knows, the design might be what gives you that extra push as you slug it out with a challenging routine.

  • Designed to last for a long time
  • Quality materials throughout the design
  • Handstitched  seams
  • Limited color variation

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6. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Best Pro-Style Training Gloves

Ever, last.  Did you think that was a mere coincidence?

I don't think so.

This Pro glove really does last for a long time.

The most notable features of this glove are its comfort and adaptation to the nature of the hands. 

Let's talk about comfort.

With the C4 foam in this glove, boxers can hit hard, improve punch power, and keep their hands safe—all at the same time.

You'll get an excellent boxing experience with the two-layer foam in the glove. 

With the thumb lock feature, your thumbs won't get in the way of jabs with can be a cause of injuries in a worst-case scenario.

  • One year warranty
  • High-quality leather 
  • Features ThumbLok for safety
  • Limited Colors

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7. Ringside Lace IMF Training Gloves

Best For Comfort And Safety

With 2.5 inches of injected mold foam, your knuckles will be safe all training long. 

The ringside gloves are best suited for boxing practice — sparring, training with mitts, and punching bags.

The performance you'll get from this glove could almost surpass the price tag on it.  

After all, it is said and done with the boxing practice that you would need to clean the gloves. And what marks the excellent durability of this glove is that it is easy to clean as it is made of synthetic leather.

The gloves come in different sizes, 14 oz and 16oz, making them generally suitable for sparring, competition, and training with bags. 

While most of the best gloves on this list use hook and loop, this ringside IMF training glove uses lace with makes it extra secure after sliding them on. 

The ringside IMF training gloves don't offer anything super, but they are durable gloves. The injected molded foam will provide absolute protection. 

  • Attached thumb for safety
  • It comes in different colors.
  • The adequate distance across the inject mold foam for protection
  • Laced types can be slightly less suitable for quick training sessions

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How To Choose The Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

There are several gloves to choose from, but you can't just make a choice based on the most appealing,  the most protective, or the one that promises a power punch.

Instead, you'll need to consider the style of glove that suits you best, as well as safety comfort and design.

How To Pick The Right Style

A thai figher training on the heavy bag. A great representation of choosing the best cheap boxing gloves for 2021.

When you get a boxing glove, you should consider your boxing style along with it.

This can improve performance, especially when you're going to get competition gloves.

There are style gloves like the Mexican style boxing gloves, MMA boxing gloves, and the Muay Thai boxing gloves. 

For instance, Mexican-style boxing gloves are a subsection of professional gloves.

The padding in these gloves is firm, and the gloves fit the hands tightly so that you can hit with as much power as you'd like.

The Mexican-style gloves do not offer much protection and are only suited to fighters who have fewer hand injuries and are hard and fast punchers.

So if this ‘hard and fast’ adequately describes your style, then this is the glove that you should go for 

How To Pick The Right Size

A guy punching a training bag. A prime example of choosing one of the best budget boxing gloves.

To pick the right size of boxing gloves, you should refer to a boxing glove size chart. On the chart, your weight and hand circumference will correspond to different boxing glove sizes.

The weights range between 90 to 185 pounds, the hand circumference between 5.5 to 9.5 inches.

You have a choice to make between 8,10, 12, 14, and 16 oz gloves depending on what you weigh and measure concerning your hand circumference. 

How To Determine The Quality

A guy leaning over the ropes with his boxing gloves. It's important to note the quality of gloves when choosing which one to buy.

To determine a quality glove, you have to consider specific criteria.

Firstly, safety.

A quality glove should be able to offer as much protection as you need. 

As much as you need because not every boxer requires a lot of protection.

Take Manny Pacquiao, for instance.

He is known for using a particular type of gloves that do not have much padding.

This is because he's doesn't have a history of hand injuries, and he wants to dish out massive punch power on his opponent.

Other things to consider are comfort, material, and design.


Like I mentioned earlier, how much safety do you actually need?

That's what matters here.

You don't have to be blown by the latest protection tech that a glove brand proposes.

Rather than the level of protection is sufficient for you. So, for good protection, look out for impressive padding around the knuckles.

You also need to check whether the thumbs are attached or not. The attached thumbs are more secure.  


Many gloves offer comfort by providing a way out of sweaty palms.

Another form of comfort is how the hands feel in the gloves.

Many gloves offer this pleasurable hand-to-glove feeling by the material that they use with the gloves.

You never can tell what material you would most comfortable in until you try. 

So you might have to test out the gloves to know what provides you with the best comfort. 

Some glove makers solve this by introducing absorbent materials that help ease the discomfort that comes with sweat regarding the sweaty palms.

Others present a sort of metal mesh around the palm area to provide ventilation so that the hands can breathe.

Even you can find the ventilation to be on the sides of the gloves too. 

Some level of support can also come from the laced gloves or gloves with extended cuffs.

If a glove supports the wrist adequately, it can give a feeling of comfort as you wear it. 


There are two primary materials for boxing gloves.

It's either the gloves are made of synthetic leather or natural animal hide.

The most popular synthetic leather that glove makers use is vinyl.

It is general knowledge that leather gloves last longer and are more durable than vinyl gloves.


Sometimes a great design comes in the form of your boxing gloves' anatomical fit how they fit into your hands like they whether for no other person. 

You could also find some gloves having extra padding on the knuckles for the sake of punching bags.

While extra padding somehow transfers to the comfort department of boxing gloves, they are also innovative designs that transform the gloves' outlook and provide good comfort for you and other end users.

The things that can easily be interpreted as design are the graphics on the gloves.

While the Venum elite boxing glove, for example,  has an excellent design imprinted on it.

There's isn't much else for design besides the shape and aesthetic imprints, and very few boxers go for boxing gloves basically because of the design.

Usually, the design comes up as a result of the brand of gloves. 

Frequently Asked Question

If you're looking for the best, you can not avoid several questions that come up as to how you can make the best decision about purchasing your boxing gloves.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The best boxing gloves for beginners are the 16oz gloves.

They have the most padding and offer the best protection. As a beginner boxer, you shouldn't be focusing on power as much yet.

You're just learning the ropes getting the proper form and techniques of the boxing moves, and most importantly, learning the art because that's what boxing is — an art.

And while you do that, you need the best amount of protection.

Because even without much power, injuries are very likely without the padded gloves.

Should I get 12 oz or 14 oz boxing gloves?

Ideally, two criteria can decide what size of boxing gloves you should get.

You need to know your weight and your hand circumference.

If you're considering weight, the 120 - 150 lbs are for a 12 oz glove, while 150 to 185 lbs can slide in a 14 oz pair.

In the hand circumference department, 6.5 to 7.5 will fit a 12 oz glove and 7.5 to 8.5 to a 14 oz glove.

Are expensive boxing gloves worth it?

When people say “you get for you pay for,” it's pretty accurate.

However, getting a costly as hell boxing glove doesn't mean you have gotten the best.

You have to find a balance between cost and actual quality when purchasing a boxing glove.

Hence, to answer that question adequately, not all expensive boxing gloves are worth the high price.

Others are. 

Our Winner: The Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

After considering all the aspects of this glove compared to the others, we have determined that the best cheap boxing gloves you should get are...

The Sanabul Essential boxing gloves.

The Sanabul Essential gloves are great because they have all the qualities we're looking for.

Some of the main features about this glove that stands out are :

  • A sufficient foam layer provides solid protection for any form of training. 
  • The gloves are designed to give you comfort with breathable meshes on the side.

By now you should have enough information in order to find the best budget boxing gloves for your training.

If you did, comment down below if you had great success with any of the boxing gloves on our list.

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