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The 12 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring ([year])

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Written By: Richard Magallanes
Last Updated: March 2, 2021

There are not many things that make a boxer more ecstatic than a fresh pair of gloves.

When it comes to sparring, there are some unspoken rules a fighter must abide by why.

A spar isn't a real fight, which is why, as a token of respect to your sparring partner, you must wear well-padded sparring gloves to prevent injuries for each other.

Keep reading to find out more about the best boxing gloves for sparring!

Our Top Pick - The Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

After assessing these 12 gloves, one thing is for certain; there aren't many boxing gloves that even come close to Winning's versatility and all-around perfection.

Compared to all the other gloves on the list, Winning has some of the best shock disbursement capabilities.

Furthermore, it is made of real leather, which means even if it is a bit pricey, it will last you a long time.

Simultaneously, the gloves are not nearly as pricey as the custom made gloves on the list, such as Di Nardo.

Winning covers every aspect that a sparring glove would need to cover.

It covers all the bases from sufficient padding to enhanced wrist support to make sure you don't encounter unforeseen injuries.

Even though it's a velcro design, the velcro straps are more durable and would not weaken over time.

I believe that Winning is by far the pioneer of boxing gloves at this point.

Quick Navigation - The 12 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring (2020)

Rating/5ShowcaseProductBest ForBuy
5.0/5Winning Training Boxing GlovesAn Anti-thumbing style design to protect your thumb while sparring.
4.8/5Cleto Reyes Boxing GlovesNylon Water-repellent lining for protection against moisture.
4.7/5TITLE Gel World Boxing GlovesEquipped with a special hand compartment lining for a cooling effect and dry wear.
5.0/5Di Nardo Custom Boxing GlovesAvailable with two paddings; Tutela, soft and protective padding, and Caestus semi-rigid padding.
4.8/5Top Boxer Custom Boxing GlovesCustom made boxing gloves according to your exact specifications with whatever materials you want to use, whether leather or vinyl.
5.0/5RIVAL Boxing RS100 Pro Sparring GlovesBreathable mesh with a super-rich microfibre PU and layer foam construction.
4.2/5Necalli Pro Boxing GlovesLatex foam interior with stable wrist support and a wide pocket.
4.5/5Grant Custom Boxing GlovesPersonalized gloves according to your specific requirements, used by pros.
3.8/5Venum Elite Boxing GlovesReinforced palm to absorb the maximum impact.
4.2/5Fairtex Boxing GlovesErgonomically engineered with a Fairtex foam system for wrist protection and terrific shock absorption.
4.2/5Ring To Cage Boxing GlovesExcellent padding for added protection alongside high-quality liners and foams for durability.
4.0/5TopTen Superfight 3000 Boxing GlovesDual velcro fastening for a snug fit.

The 12 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

Winning Training Boxing Gloves

The Winning Training Gloves are easily the best in terms of several MMA fighting techniques.

It has padding made of high-density foam, which allows amazing shock absorption. This feature of the gloves allows you not to go too hard on your opponent and keep fighting for long during sparring.

Moreover, the gloves are made, keeping durability and long-life in view.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about purchasing new gloves - even though the Winning Training gloves are a big high with the price tag.

These gloves offer amazing support for your wrist, great padding, amazing product life, and a great fit.

These gloves allow you to spar for a longer period of time – and is, without a doubt, my favorite sparring glove.

Not only does it help built stamina, but it also betters your overall fighting stance and punching power.

If you'd like to know more about this pair of boxing gloves, check out our full winning training boxing gloves review.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

These gloves have their ups and downs – but they are mostly ups.

The gloves are available in both lace-up and Velcro options.

They come with a longer wrist wrap than usual gloves that protect your wrist more, which you will need.

However, the gloves are very stiff when new and require some time to be broken in.

If you are buying them for an urgent reason, I suggest you do not go down that route because extensive training with these gloves when new will not be the most pleasant experience.

However, they are great once they are properly broken in after steady everyday use.

The Cleto Reyes has a minimalist design and is not flashy.

This gives you a more professional feel, and you can feel that you are paying for what you are getting in terms of price.

Overall, the Cleto Reyes is not a bad buy at all.

TITLE Gel World Boxing Gloves

TITLE sparring gloves, much like their gel world bag gloves, are amazing boxing gloves and have a name with a legacy attached to it.

Many high profile professional boxers have been using the TITLE gloves.

The TITLE Gel World Boxing Glove has a legacy to keep alive, and it does the job amazingly.

These gloves have amazing padding along with great support on the wrist.

This ensures strong punches, along with very little pressure on your wrist.

The gloves come in many colors and aesthetics, so if you are one for the flashy gloves - this one is for you.

The gloves do not take a long time to break in and also last a very long time.

They give you the best quality in return for the price that you pay. These gloves' gelling quality allows you not to suffer the blows' complete stress and spar for longer.

Di Nardo Custom Boxing Gloves

These gloves have a great edge over your usual gloves for sparring.

They come with two types of padding, which allows for amazing protection.

Even with the different padding types, the gloves still fit beautifully and offer amazing flexibility when it comes to sparring.

They do not take long to break in; however, you will feel them getting more comfortable every time you wear them.

The Di Nardo has amazing padding, which extends to your first knuckle and offers extra protection.

Moreover, the gloves have been able to achieve a perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

You will be able to throw great punches and not harm your opponent or your hands and wrists.

The feedback from the punches of this glove is also nice and sharp - despite the amazing padding.

They will protect your hands but will not pillow them in.

TopBoxer Boxing Gloves

Custom made by Muhammad Irfan from Pakistan, these gloves come with a great leather lining on the velcro straps' sides.

This acts instrumental in ensuring that the velcro does not slide against the opponent's eyes and injure them.

Some people are skeptical of Pakistani gloves; Irfan from Pakistan is a master craftsman who is passionate about his work.

When you contact the guy, he will inquire about every desired specification you have and make the glove accordingly.

This glove is perfect for sparring due to the enormous amounts of padding that goes into making it.

While some people think of the gloves as too big, others prefer the hulk style build as it offers a more cushiony feel while punching.

RIVAL Boxing RS100 Pro

Rival focuses on the true essence of a boxing glove, a high-tech Canadian brand that prioritizes the basics over everything else.

While these gloves are made of engineered leather, they make up for that drawback with excellent fitting and padding.

The true fist ergonomic design combined with its angled lace track for the laced version ensures a snug and secure fit.

Best known for its gloves' aesthetic superiority, Rival's model is one of the most popular ones for sparring.

The glove, however, is not all looks as the padding for this glove is done strategically.

Padding around the wrist combined with its layered foam construction, wrist support, and shock disbursement, this glove offers perfect for training and sparring.

Necalli Boxing Gloves

One of the leading brands when it comes to boxing gloves, Necalli tries to pull all the stops with its gloves.

Designed with a high-grade cow leather exterior, the external durability of this glove is top-notch.

Due to its sufficient padding, you would feel your blows being cushioned when using these gloves.

While the interior is made of a flimsy foam, this doesn't affect the glove's overall durability by a lot.

These gloves, in particular, are known for their snug and secure fitting.

With the forearm coverage combined with separate and hybrid closure options, fitting is never an issue with these gloves.

Unlike some brands, Necalli doesn't forget the elementary requirements and offers an attached thumb with its gloves for extra protection.

Grant Custom Boxing Gloves

When it comes to custom gloves, it is impossible not to mention Grant's fantastic gloves for sparring.

With a cushioning comparable to Winning and a unique thumb design which prevents the thumb from jamming while throwing punches, your hand is protected sufficiently by these gloves.

Although the fist grip is a bit tight, making it harder to close your fists, the gloves' ergonomic design offers a good fit and relatively natural hand movements.

You would have to order these gloves through email with your required specifications as they don't have a website, but it is worth it if you order them with ortho-foam.

Not only does it boost the durability of the glove, but it is also one of the most effective foam technology in martial arts designed to provide shock disbursement.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Being one of the most renowned brands in the boxing world has not led to Venum slacking off when it comes to their gloves' designs.

Their sparring gloves are designed eloquently to provide maximum shock assimilation.

The triple density foam padding combined with its reinforced palm offers one of the most impressive impact resistance in all boxing gloves mentioned in this list.

In addition to its great shock disbursement, although the gloves are made of skintex leather, their durability isn't setback too much due to the strengthened seams it is designed with.

While its comparatively long break-in period and fitting issues with its thumb may increase the time it takes to get adjusted to the glove, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle given its excellent ventilation and cushioning for comfort.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Popular in all martial arts forms, including muay Thai and boxing, Fairtex has become a big name in the boxing gloves market.

Its pair of gloves for sparring comes with its trademark Fairtex foam construction and original leather exterior.

This combination of constructive elements not only gives your hands an excellent protective barrier but also makes sure the barrier is strong and lasts long.

When it comes to durability and cushioning, Fairtex gloves are top-notch.

While some people think the lack of a grip bar is perfect for clinching, others think of it as a disadvantage as it makes the fist grip loose.

While this issue remains moot, the smooth movement its ergonomic design with a contoured compartment offers is impressive.

The narrow cuffs may become an issue for some people, but the gloves' upsides are overwhelming enough for this glove to be still considered one of the best.

Ring To Cage Boxing Gloves

When it comes to quality at an affordable price, these Japanese style bombshells are ideal.

While there are problems reported regarding the bubbling of stitching of these gloves, they are designed with real cowhide leather; the external durability and feel of these gloves are fantastic.

At the same time, the 1.5" top-grade foam construction offers effective cushioning and comfort.

What further adds to the longevity of these gloves is the nylon it is generously lined with. Not only does it boosts the overall strength of the gloves, but it also adds water-resistance to the mix.

The look of these gloves may be plain, but Ring to Cage has covered all the bases with them by offering attached thumbs.

If you want to be safe rather than sorry, this one additional feature will protect your thumb and your opponent's eye perfectly.

TOP TEN Superfight 3000 Boxing Gloves

Top Ten Superfight 3000 Boxing gloves are among the most useful choices for beginners on a budget for training and sparring.

Designed a close-fitting structure, the basic requirements of a good glove for sparring are met with ease.

While the wrist support may favor individuals with wider wrists, these gloves' special ergonomic design provides fluid and natural hand movements.

It may not be the most durable of gloves, but it does offer you more than enough protection for your hand.

To keep your hand protected, a Superfight 3000 boxing glove is constructed with Bayfill Foam, one of the best foams for shock disbursement and impact resistance.

You may need to change these gloves after a while, but you are likely to be satisfied with their performance during that time.

Buyer's Guide - How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

When it comes to choosing sparring gloves, many considerations need to be made.

If you are a serious boxer, you would be finding a glove that maximizes your training efficiency and ensures the protection of your sparring partner and yourself. So what are the things one needs to consider before choosing training gloves?

Is The Padding Protective Enough?

The most integral part of a sparring glove is its padding. A boxing glove used for sparring needs to be designed so that both fighters are protected.

While a spar is a simulation, it is still not a real fight, which is why a good sparring glove is a token of respect you give to your sparring partner.

One might think that all padding is the same, but it is not.

The padding density varies and distinguishes high-quality gloves for training from low-quality and sparring gloves from bag gloves.

When it comes to boxing gloves for sparring, I can say from experience that the difference between a good glove and an average one is night and day.

Velcro Or Laces?

Whether it be gloves for bag work, training gloves, or sparring gloves, the method of closure for a glove is one of the most divisive topics in boxing.

While some boxers consider laces to be superior others, prefer the old velcro straps closure.

I personally prefer laces as my method of closure, but I can adjust to velcro as well. So what makes this topic so divisive?

Both methods have their set of pros and cons. As far as laces are concerned, they take the edge of a tighter, snugger fit.

At the same time, laces offer a long cuff so that the boxing gloves fit your arms better.

Having used both velcro and laces as a closure method for my gloves, I can safely say that laces make the gloves feel lighter than velcro.

On the other hand, laces have their set of cons as well.

Since you can't tie them by yourself, you would need help to put the gloves on, and it will take a longer time to do so.

Simultaneously, if you don't tape up the laces' end, you may end up cutting your opponent, a mistake I am guilty of.

When it comes to the hook and loop closure or velcro closure, to put it simply, accessibility is one of its biggest upsides.

Compared to laces, hook and loop boxing gloves can quickly be put on without any help.

Furthermore, the strap itself often offers additional stabilization and protection to your wrist.

However, the grip of the velcro will probably loosen over time, which will be troublesome. At the same time, for velcro based pairs, wrist support and fitting features vary drastically.

Before buying a pair for sparring, you need to know which of these closure options suits you.

At the end of the day, if the glove's fit doesn't sit well with you, no matter its quality, mishaps will occur while sparring.

Example of one of the best boxing gloves for sparring - the title gloves.

What Material Is Best For My Boxing Gloves?

Depending on the style of fighting a boxer has, different materials will suit him/her more than others.

Following are some of the materials used for boxing gloves;


Since vinyl gloves are completely synthetic, they are highly affordable, usually equipped with a 2 inches wide wrist strap for added protection.

They won't, however, stand the test of time as they aren't very durable.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather gloves are the polar opposite of vinyl boxing gloves as they are expensive but high-quality boxing gloves.

Not only is it a comfortable wear, but the leather construction also offers high durability.

The difference in the feel and mobility of boxing gloves with legitimate leather construction and any other material is night and day.

Although it will set you back a considerable amount, it would definitely be worth it for a true boxing enthusiast.

Polyurethane Leather

A synthetic leather material that falls somewhere between vinyl and genuine leather.

Since it is a synthetic leather made of thermoplastic polymer, it isn't costly. At the same time, it offers the benefit of being very easy to clean as it absorbs water.

Buying Tips - The Best Way To Find The Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

Visit A Real Boxing Gym

Like any other sport, real-world experience always trumps online research.

Visiting a real boxing gym will help you interact with the professional fighters, find out their glove preferences, and compare them with the community gloves.

Google Search

In the 21st century, Google searches are the easiest way to get information about virtually anything.

For boxing gloves, all you have to do is search the name of a professional fighter with the word "sparring" or "bag training."

The search results would consist of hundreds of YouTube videos as well as articles detailing the preferences of various professional fighters.

Sherdog Forums

Sherdog Forums is the go-to place for beginner boxers to acquire insight about boxing equipment.

You will find various discussions on different brands of sparring gloves and the first impressions of people who have tried it.

Glove Review Articles Aren't Always Accurate

Finding authentic reviews on boxing gloves is a difficult task.

Most reviewers on the internet would claim a pair of sparring gloves to be the best without having any boxing experience, let alone with the glove itself. If you look closely, you would see the difference between a review written for a commission and a review written with experience.

That being said, that's not always the case.

Sometimes you can't get your hands on proper boxing gloves because they can cost upwards of $500+.

For a website like ours, we don't always have the boxing gloves in-person, but we do a TON of research beforehand and sum up all the best products for you.

We would only recommend boxing gloves that we would personally buy.

Amazon Reviews Can Sometimes Be Hit Or Miss

Amazon reviews for boxing gloves are a nightmare.

Most beginners who get their first pair will give it a 5-star as they don't know a good one from a bad one.

Relying on Amazon reviews will only lead to you making decisions based on inaccurate information.

Always look for long reviews by users who actually have boxing experience, and aren't just a beginner. For the most part, they are more reliable and accurate.

Important Things To Remember

Bag Gloves Are Used To Protect Your Hands Against A Heavy Bag

Against a heavy bag during bag training, bag gloves are the guardian angels for your knuckles and wrists.

Sparring Gloves Protect Your Hands, But More Importantly Your Sparring Partner Too

When sparring with a partner, sparring gloves are all that stands between your knuckles and a broken jaw.

Training Gloves Is The Middle Ground Between Bag And Sparring Gloves

Training gloves are hybrid gloves that protect the jaw and the knuckle as they can be used for both purposes.

TL;DR - Quick Tips

  • You don't want to skimp out on quality gloves. They are there to protect you, and your sparring partner. Quality gloves tend to come around $150 on average. With a select few budget gloves which you can find below $150. See our comparison table up top for more details.
  • Based off countless hours of research; Winning, Rival and Di Nardo gloves are top tiers when it comes to sparring gloves. Winning and Rival gloves being purchasable through Amazon whilst Di Nardo is custom made to fit your hand.
  • 16 oz - 18 oz should be used for sparring. The more padding you have the less it will hurt for your sparring partner.
  • 12 oz gloves or lower are best for hitting the heavy bag or pads as the lower weight allows for faster speed when delivering your punch, without sacrificing hand protection.
  • Boxing gloves made of quality leather on the exterior offer more comfort, durability, and breathing room. They look awesome aesthetically too.
  • Pakistani factory-made gloves aren't as quality as authentically made gloves.
  • Foam padding protects your hands better than gel padding; so for sparring opt for foam padding.
  • For a sport like boxing, a minimalist design with fewer seams and double stitching is always best to boost durability.
  • Laced gloves are better for wrist support and are more popular amongst pro boxers.

Finding The Perfect Fit


While vinyl or polyurethane leather gloves are best for beginners on a budget, you would need the more durable real leather boxing gloves later on.

Size & Weight

The size of the glove is dependant on your preferences and your weight.

Generally, fighters under light-welterweight use 10 oz, fighters in welterweight through super heavyweight use 12 oz -14 oz, and boxers from the master division use 14 oz - 16 oz gloves.

Closure Options

Out of the two closure options, various fighters have different preferences though laced gloves are definitely more popular.


Experienced fighters don't think of needing someone to wear these gloves as a hassle as they prioritize the better fit over accessibility.

Most professional boxers use laced gloves.


For beginners, loop closure is the best choice as they are still learning the basics.

Once they get their bearings straight, however, it would be wise to make a shift.


It may not be the most important consideration, but you would rather have dry and comfortable hands while fighting than sweaty and itchy ones.

Good ventilation in a glove is a big plus if other aspects are not compromised for it.


For a sparring glove, the padding is the most important part.

Without good protective padding, the sparring gloves cannot achieve their purpose.

The Thumb

Gloves with attached thumbs will help protect your thumb, which is a vulnerable part of your hand during a fight.

Wrist Stability

To make sure your wrist doesn't twist after you make an error, get gloves with extra padding around the wrists.

The Different Types Of Boxing Gloves

Bag Gloves

These gloves are used for bag training against a heavy bag or mitts designed to make you feel the punch and protect your knuckles and wrists.

Sparring Gloves

As the name suggests, these boxing gloves are made for sparring as they are padded all around to make sure your opponent is protected from your punches.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are designed to be multi-purpose as they can be used for sparring and bag training against a heavy bag.

Competition Gloves

Competition gloves are self-explanatory, gloves that are used when you enter the ring and are fighting someone. These gloves vary depending on your weight class:

10 oz Gloves - 147lbs (66.67kg) and above. (Super Welter Weight + Above)12 oz Gloves - 165lbs (74.84kg) and above.
8 oz Gloves - 147lbs and below. (Welterweight + Below) 10 oz Gloves - 152lbs (68.95kg) and below.

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